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Light Hardwood Flooring
Light opens up a space and maximizes whatever natural light is available. It offers a clean look; an elegant neutral background to support other design elements in the space.

Please see below for a list of our beautiful light shaded products.
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Brighton | French Oak
MCGO634 | Washed
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Avenue | French Oak
MCRO759 | Toasted Almond
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Surf | Maple
VCSU784 | Light Golden
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Sao Paulo | Small-Leaf Acacia
Small-Leaf Acacia
ACCL0436 | Natural
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Temecula | Hickory
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ACNN393 | Khaki
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Oceanside | Maple
Smooth Sailing
SSOC259 | Khaki
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Hinton | French Oak
CCDM683 | Khaki
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Ponto Beach | Maple
Pacific Treasures
PTPB357 | Khaki
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